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We offer a progressive, critical-thinking perspective on issues involving feral-behaving and free-roaming cats and the interrelationship of all domestic cats. We want to broaden your thinking about topics that are less commonly discussed. The medical information that we offer may benefit the cats that you feed.

Feral, stray, loosely-owned, semi-feral? Why do we care about these cats? TNR began in the United Kingdom decades ago and at last, is gaining momentum in the USA. You are part of this movement. Learn how Trap-Neuter-Return changes the cats’ lives and saves the lives of shelter cats and kittens. Read about some illustrious colonies, including one at the Canadian Parliament!

Strong passions emerge from both sides of the issues concerning free-roaming cats. Myths, misunderstandings and controversies can obstruct progress and interfere with the humane care of these cats. Learn what is true, what we don’t really know and discover some new perspectives on some old theories.